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Sun in Aries Pendant Necklace

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Geometric pendant made from an original mould with Solar herbs (rosemary, saffron, Angelica) and a brass disc engraved with the seal and magic square of the sun when the sun was strong in its sign of exaltation, culminating on the MC and free from malefic influence. This necklace is designed to boost and enhance Solar energy (visibility, self-confidence, leadership and popularity) and helps support Solar-related magic. Please note that this piece is NOT a talisman, but rather functions more like wearing a planetary gemstone

Materials: Resin, pigment, gold foil, herbs (rosemary, saffron, Angelica)

This pendant is 5 by 5 cm (nearly 2 inch x 2 inch) and comes on a 45 cm (17-inch) gold tone chain.

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