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Jupiter in Pisces Talisman

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Jupiter in Pisces talisman for increasing wealth of spirit and material, good fortune, success and healing.

This talisman is made from a pewter disc engraved with an image and seals as specified in the Picatrix, an 11th century grimoire on astrological magic. I engraved the discs between 10:27 and 10:35 a.m. on April 27, 2022 in Berlin, Germany which were then suffimigated in smoke from Jupiterian herbs (copal, oak, hyssop and olive leaves). In this election, a strong Jupiter in his nocturnal sign is directly on the mid-heaven, with a moon in Pisces, swift in motion and applying to a conjunction. These talismans were made in the hour of Jupiter, which gives them added power.

I later added this disc to a handmade resin pendant made in Jupiterian colors (purple, yellow and blue), citrine gemstones and mixed with the herbs charged during the original ritual. The pendant was cast in one of my original silicon moulds and is stamped on the back with the magic square of Jupiter.

In the yin sign he traditionally rules, Jupiter in Pisces stands for the bounty of the sea within us and is especially good for find peace and prosperity within ourselves (although I've also had luck with increasing my material wealth with the help of Jupiter in Pisces in ritual and talismanic work). This piece is one of a kind.

Materials: Pewter, resin, pigment, herbs (copal, hyssop, oak, olive), citrine gemstones

This pendant is 5.5 by 5.5 cm (2 x 2 inches) and comes on a 47 cm (18-inch) silver tone chain.

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